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What makes Activate unique?

Formulated by Our Ayurvedic Masters

Activate brings you authentic, uncompromised, and effective Ayurveda through a commitment to preserving the integrity of the ancient science. Our team, consisting of accomplished Ayurvedachary as and PhD experts with over 50 years of collective experience, are the architects behind our proprietary products. They blend traditional Ayurvedic knowledge with modern science, ensuring that each ingredient has been scientifically and clinically tested.

Free Health Expert Advice

Our team of experienced health experts is at your service. They are ready to listen, understand your concerns, and provide guidance based on their extensive knowledge. We believe in the power of personalized support.

Personalized Diet Plans

Nutrition is a fundamental pillar of well-being. We craft personalized diet plans that align with your specific health goals, ensuring you receive the nourishment your body needs.

Lifestyle Recommendations

We go beyond products to enhance your overall lifestyle. Our recommendations include incorporating yoga asanas and mindfulness practices, promoting physical and mental harmony.

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Ashu Kumar


Share what your customers are saying about your products, customer service or shipping rates. Must try product by healthfarm.


Aloevera with Kesar & Green Tea.

This syrup has become a part of my daily routine. It's contributed to my improved digestion and inner balance.


Slim Syrup

Absolutely loving the Slim syrup! It's been a great aid in my weight management journey, curbing my cravings and keeping me on track.

100% Ayurvedic

a key to healthy life

Share info Good quality and I hope you people shall maintain your standards in future.what your customers say about your products.
Amla's antibacterial qualities protect you from common colds, flues, and other illnesses.